Straightforward and reliable tips and techniques that you can use to catch more bass on your favorite lakes.

How to Use Deep Diving Crankbaits

Just about every manufacturer of crankbaits makes a line of deep diving crankbaits. They are usually those great big ones you see in those extra-large packages. The size of them alone is intimidating. When you reel it in it feels like you’re reeling in a boat anchor and you need an electric winch to get it back to the boat. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little, but you do need some specialized equipment to fish those big baits properly. Don’t run away now though, because thankfully there are some deep diving crankbaits available that you can actually enjoy using with standard bass fishing gear.

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How to Fish the Frog

Phot of a hollow body frog fishing lure

The hollow bodied frog is one of my favorite bass fishing lures. It’s a surface bait and strikes on surface baits are some of the most exciting moments and experiences in all of bass fishing. It seems like no matter how ready I am for a strike to happen, it’s always such a surprise when it does!

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