Calhoun Lake

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Calhoun Lake is very close to downtown Minneapolis. You will be able to see some of the Minneapolis skyline in the background while I’m fishing. It’s a trolling motor only lake with a nice access but it has no parking for cars and trailers. You will have to find a place to park on one of the side streets.

I captured this video on a warm but very windy first of July day. I had never fished this lake before and it surprised me how clear the water was in this lake. The clear water allows the milfoil to survive in depths of 15 feet or more and it grows all the way to the surface forming dense mats in shallow water.

The drop off is also about 15 feet deep, so the drop off and the tall weed growth together, form a vertical wall of weeds right on the break line. The heavy cover of the weeds and the quick access to deep water combine to make it the perfect location for fish to ambush prey while staying safely hidden in the cover of the weeds. Anything that falls or swims along the outside of the wall of weeds has become prey and is living dangerously.

I chose to try the jig-worm to start off with because of the thick wall of weeds and because jig-worms really work well in the summer like this. I worked it along the outside of the weeds casting and retrieving it along the wall of weeds. I later tried a Texas rigged worm so that I could work it into the base of the weeds but ended up catching my fish on the outside edge of the weeds with it anyway.

This was a spectacular day of fishing for me. I caught three bass over four pounds and two northern pike in the ten-pound range. I even caught a small walleye on the jig-worm.

watch the video below to learn how to fish plastic worms.

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Lures Used:  Jig-worm, Texas Rigged Worm. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weed-lines, grass. Type of fish caught: Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleyed Pike. Topics of Discussion: Fishing the jig-worm.

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