Orchard Lake III

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It was a nice and sunny august day for me on Orchard Lake. This lake has lots of large weed flats and weeds to fish, but it has some good underwater structures to fish as well. I seem to always get to this lake late in the summer so I’ve spent much more time fishing the deeper structure than the shallower weed flats and that’s what I did again today. Someday I would like to spend some more time fishing those shallow weeds because there must be a ton of fish living in them.

Orchard Lake has a couple submerged humps out in the middle of the lake marked by reeds that grow out of the water from the top of them. I just picked one of them and began to fish around it with a Carolina rig. I was using a pumpkin seed colored Zoom Centipede for my lure. It’s four-inch plastic bait that’s shaped like a French fry. It’s very subtle in the water and seems to look very natural to the bass. It’s a great lure to use when the fish are in a less aggressive mood. You can use larger plastic lures like lizards when the fish are more aggressive. Orchard lake gets a lot of fishing pressure so subtle lures tend to work well most of the time.

Later I tried a Texas rigged worm right on the deep weedline so that I could give these fish something a little bit different to get interested in. It’s nice to be able to work the Texas rig right into the weeds a little bit too. It’s hard to do that with the Carolina rig.

Watch the video below to see how I caught lots of chunky bass on a Carolina rig here today. Most of them being in the two to three-pound range.

watch the entire video below

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Lures Used: Carolina Rig, Texas rig. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Rocks and weed lines. Type of fish caught: Bass. Topics of Discussion: Carolina rigging.

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