Big Comfort Lake

Catch of the Day

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This lake is best known for having a very good supply of northern pike, but it sure looks like a bass lake, with all the lily pads that ring the shoreline.

I had a nice cloudy day to fish this little lake. Cloudy skies are usually good for fishing but the fish tend to roam farther from cover. They can scatter out to where it gets even harder to catch them. Fortunately, there were still plenty of fish located near the weeds and docks that they were using for cover the night before. Later in the day I was able to locate some of the more scattered fish out in deeper water.

For the most part I used a jig to fish the docks, a spinnerbait and frog to fish the lily pads, and a spinnerbait to fish the deeper weeds.

I intended to use only the frog to fish the pads for bass, but there were so many northern pike attacking my rubber frogs and cutting my line that it was starting to get expensive to lose so many frogs. That's why I switched to a spinnerbait and worked it in the pads instead of the frog.

This was really an action-packed day of fishing. I caught lots of bass (including some big ones) and all the northern pike that I could shake a fishing rod at.

This video shows you how well a spinnerbait will work in the lily pads. It's a good way to work expansive areas of loosely packed pads in a short amount of time. Once you have fished a lake a few times and get to know where the best pads are for bass you can slow down and work them well with jigs or Texas rigged worms. I was not very familiar with the lake, so I chose the faster technique with spinnerbaits and frogs.

watch the video below to learn how to fish lily pads.

Lures Used: Jig, Frog, Spinnerbait. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Brown. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Docks and lily pads. Type of fish caught: bass and northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Fishing lily pads.

Guidelines for fishing docks and boats: Docks and boats are the private property of their owners. Please respect their property. Don’t fish around them if you are not a very good caster. Use heavy line and equipment so that you don’t break your lures off on the docks unintentionally. Make every effort possible to retrieve your lure from a dock except climbing onto the dock. Do not bang the docks or boats with your lures. Some owners do not like you to fish around their docks; they may ask you to leave politely or otherwise. Respect their wishes.

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