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I had a nice hot and muggy summer day to be fishing Ann Lake, so I was excited to be out on the water and I expected the fishing to be just as hot as the weather.

I started the day by giving some lily pads a try with a rubber frog. As I approached the pads, I was careful to leave plenty of room between my boat and the pads so that I could fish the outside edge of the pads before moving the boat any closer to the pads and the fish. Had I just barged right in, I would have just scared all the fish away.

The fish were very active today and I was able to catch them just about anywhere I tried if it was near some vegetation. Here in Minnesota we call aquatic vegetation weeds, but in other parts of the country they call it grass. For any bass that weren't in the lily pads, crankbaits and jigs were very effective. I caught several bass on a chartreuse colored Wiggle Wart and several more on a brown and watermelon green colored jig that I had rigged with plastic grubs for trailers.

The Wiggle Wart that I was using dives about eight feet deep and I fished it over and through the top of the weeds and along the outside edge of the weed beds. I worked the jig on the outside edge of the weeds and a little way into the weeds. Considering the three lures that I was using, I had all the weed growth covered.

I was very surprised that I couldn't catch a northern pike on that chartreuse crankbait. Pike usually hammer that lure!

watch the video below to learn how to fish around weeds and grass.

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Lures Used:  Frog, jig, crankbait. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weed lines and lily pads. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: Fishing the frog.


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