Medicine Lake MN

Catch of the Day?

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It was a hot and calm august day on Medicine Lake. I enjoy fishing in these conditions but fishing can be tough on calm days like this.

Medicine Lake has lots of structure and cover to fish in the form of points, humps, weeds, and weedlines respectively. The water is very murky but the weeds grow very thick in shallow water. The most abundant weed is Eurasian milfoil but there are some lily pads and other types of weeds to fish as well.

I started out casting a Rat-L-Trap in Medicine’s murky water and caught one bass right away but it was a long time before I caught my next bass. I caught it fishing a Texas rigged worm in some of the thick milfoil on one of the large underwater humps in the southern part of the lake. After that I found an area of lily pads to fish with my rubber frog. The first bass that I caught with the frog must have been one of the darkest colored bass that I have ever caught in my life. It was very dark for a largemouth bass. I was able to catch one or two more bass from deep within the lily pads before I moved on to another weedline fishing the Texas rigged worm again.

I had to scramble around and try a lot of different things to catch my fish today, but it was a fun challenge for me to do that while trying to figure out exactly what the fish were doing. By the end of the day I felt like I had really accomplished something by catching the fish that I had.

in the video below, you can learn how to locate fish and catch some bass during one of the hardest times of the year.

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Lures Used: Crankbait, frog, and Texas rigged worm. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weed lines. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass and sunfish. Topics of Discussion: Fishing crankbaits, frogs, and murky water.

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