O'Dowd Lake MN

Catch of the Day

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O’Dowd is a shallow and sprawling lake with murky water and a lot of good structure and cover to fish. One of the first cold fronts of the fall had gone through the area the night before so I was expecting the fish to be a little less aggressive today. I began fishing down the shoreline right from the boat ramp fishing a jig tight to shallow cover and caught my first bass off a fallen tree. I continued to fish the jig on fallen timber and occasional docks as I worked my way down the shoreline and caught several more bass with it.

This is also a very good lake for fishing shallow diving crankbaits and I have done very well on them here in the past. Not only does this lake have fallen trees laying down into the lake along the shoreline but there are also a lot of branches and brush that have fallen into deeper water that are laying on the bottom with nothing above the water for us to see and tell us that they are there. I just cast and wind the crankbait down the shoreline searching for some of that submerged brush with the lure.

I also caught one of my fish with a Texas rigged Brush Hog. What happened was that I caught a bass near a small island with the crankbait but could not catch anymore with that bait, but the spot looked so good that I decided to switch to a Texas rig so that I could fish it more thoroughly. I suspected that there could be more bass there that just weren’t as aggressive as the first because of the post cold frontal conditions I was fishing in today. Luckily, my hunch paid off for me this time.

watch the video below to learn how to deal with cold fronts and never let them ruin your day to go fishing again.

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Lures Used: Jig, crankbait, and Texas rigged worm. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Late Summer. Cover/Structure: Brush, weed lines, and docks. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: Fishing culverts and cold fronts.


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