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It was a beautiful mid-August day for me on Ramsey Lake. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. It’s nice to be on the water on these kinds of days but they can be difficult days for catching bass. With so much sunshine the bass will snuggle up close to good healthy weed cover.

I decided to give a Texas rigged worm a try because nothing really fishes or gets deep into the weeds as easily as a Texas rigged worm. A jig would work too but the worm slips into and out of the weeds so much easier that I can fish it much faster than a jig. Most of the healthiest weeds on this lake are coontail moss and they grow very thick.

This lake is almost round and therefore doesn’t have very much structure to fish but I found a point and another area with a firmer bottom that had some good weed cover to fish. I’m always looking for areas with rockier bottoms. They tend to hold fish almost any time of year.

I fished the Texas rig exclusively, watch the video below and learn how I caught several nice bass with it. One of the bass must have weighed about four pounds. This lake also has plenty of northern pike and some walleyed pike in it as well.

Ramsey Lake has a nice access and parking for 7 to 10 rigs. It’s a nice concrete ramp but it has a small frost heave in it than can make it difficult to get your boat out of the lake. I would recommend that you have a tow vehicle with four-wheel drive if you'd like to use this ramp. The water close to the ramp is shallow so keep your motor trimmed up.

watch the entire video below.

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Lures Used: Texas rigged worm, Jig-worm. Water Clarity: Stained. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weed line. Type of fish caught: Bass. Topics of discussion: Fishing Texas rigged worms, and fishing rods for Texas rigs.

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