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It was a beautiful and sunny late summer day on Ida Lake. This was a pretty good day for fishing and I caught and released several bass in the making of this video. Ida has very clear water and lots of structure and weed growth to fish. I started the day by fishing a Carolina rig on one of Ida’s three underwater points and I fished the other two as the day went along.

When fishing Carolina rigs on points, I like to position my boat over the top of the weeds on the point and cast out towards deeper water and the end of the point so that I can work the Carolina rig toward the weeds that grow on top of the point. Most anglers do the opposite. I feel like I’m hiding the boat over the weeds when I do this and I’m giving the fish a different presentation than they usually see.  I find that it’s important to first approach the point from the side and fish the weeds on the point with a jig or worm before I position the boat over the weeds, just in case the fish are in the weeds instead of being on the outside of the weeds.

I was using a plastic centipede on my Carolina rig today. I find that very subtle lures like centipedes with natural colors work very well in calm and clear water conditions like this. Pumpkin seed was the color I used the most.

Fishing the Carolina rig is very easy. Just cast it out as far as you can, let it sink to the bottom, and slowly drag it back to the boat.

learn how to use a carolina rig in the video below.

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Lures Used: Carolina rig. Water Clarity: Clear. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Late Summer. Cover/Structure: Points, weeds, and, weed line. Type of fish caught: Bass. Topics of discussion: Fishing a Carolina rig, lure colors for clear water, Equipment for Carolina rigs.

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