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It was a warm August day on Green Lake with a high overcast sky and a light breeze out of the southwest. Green Lake has very green water and a lot of docks to fish. It has some structure to fish and a lot of shallow weed growth for bass to hide in as well. This lake even has some stumps and submerged logs and brush, so there’s no shortage of places to fish on this lake.

I started out the day by fishing some of the docks with a shallow diving crankbait. The weedline is in about a foot of water here, so the docks go out past the weedline into deeper water and bass like to be near deeper water. Docks like this can hold a lot of bass. Between the docks I like to hit the shallower weedline with a few casts because bass will use that weedline as a pathway to other docks.

After fishing a long string of docks, I came to a long section of shoreline with a much wider area of weed growth without any docks on it, so I switched lures and began fishing the weed flat with a brightly colored spinnerbait. I worked it over the top of the weeds as well as along the outside weedline. Occasionally the weed flat narrows up against a steeper drop off giving me the opportunity to fish some of the fallen trees that are on that steeper bank.

I finished a good day of fishing with a bass that I caught with a Texas rigged worm off one of the sunken logs that I found on the weed flat.

learn how to fish in dark green water in the video below.

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Lures Used: Shallow diving crankbait, spinnerbait. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Docks, wood, weed line. Type of fish caught: Bass and northern pike. Topics of discussion: Fishing docks.


Guidelines for fishing Docks and Boats:Docks and boats are the private property of their owners. Please respect their property. Don’t fish around them if you are not a very good caster. Use heavy line and equipment so that you don’t break your lures off on the docks unintentionally. Make every effort possible to retrieve your lure from a dock except climbing onto the dock. Do not bang the docks or boats with your lures. Some owners do not like you to fish around their docks; they may ask you to leave politely or otherwise. Respect their wishes.


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