North and South Center Lakes

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It was a nice sunny late august day for me to give these two lakes a try. The forecast called for very hot weather later in the day. The wind was calm so I thought this might be a good day for dock fishing. I put my boat in on South Center Lake and started the day out by fishing some docks close to the boat ramp.

When fishing shallow docks, I like to start with a shallow diving crankbait that I can cast past a dock and retrieve it back to and a little bit under the dock to catch the most active fish first. Then I like to pitch under the dock with a follow-up lure like a Jig or Texas rigged worm to get the less aggressive fish. I was using a worm as my follow-up lure this time.

I have found that sometimes it may take several casts with the crankbait before a fish will get motivated to strike it. Giving a lure that much time requires that I have good control of my boat and its position. That’s part of the reason why calm days are good days for dock fishing. It’s also easier to make accurate casts when the wind isn’t blowing very hard.

Later in the day I motored through the channel and under the bridge to North Center Lake. I gave some lily pads there a try with a jig but that didn’t work out for me, so I switched to a spinnerbait and fished it around some weedlines. Thankfully that did work for me. The spinnerbait fish were on the small side but I did catch several of them making this a very productive day for me on North and South Center Lakes.

watch the video below and learn a great method of fishing around docks.

Guidelines for fishing around docks and boats: Docks and boats are the private property of their owners. Please respect their property. Don’t fish around them if you are not a very good caster. Use heavy line and equipment so that you don’t break your lures off on the docks unintentionally. Make every effort possible to retrieve your lure from a dock except climbing onto the dock. Do not bang the docks or boats with your lures. Some owners do not like you to fish around their docks; they may ask you to leave politely or otherwise. Respect their wishes.

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Lures Used: Texas rigged worm, spinnerbait, and crankbait. Water Clarity: Stained. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weedlines, and docks. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass. Topics of Discussion: Fishing docks.


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