Johanna Lake II

Catch of the Day

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It started out as a cloudy early august morning that later turned into a nice sunny day on Johanna Lake. On cloudy days like this the fish tend to roam about more. So, I started the day out by fishing a Rat-L-Trap trying to cover some water and figure out what the fish were doing. Johanna has heavily stained water so loud lures like this tend to work well.

The first fish that I caught was a small northern pike off the deep weedline. The weeds grow down into about six feet of water and they cover most of the many points and humps on this lake. The Trap worked very well and it caught several bass for me during the first half of the day. Later I caught a couple of my larger bass on a white spinnerbait. The blades of this spinnerbait are painted white and they are more visible in the murky water than a metallic blade would be.

What I learned today was that the bass were roaming around a little, but they seemed attracted to structural features such as points. They also seemed to prefer the deep weedline. I originally thought that they would scatter over the entire weed bed. By the end of the day I was able to put together a pattern to follow. If someone had asked me for fishing advice that day, I could have told them to try crankbaits and spinnerbaits and to concentrate on the deep weedlines and points.

watch the video below and see how this pattern came together as the day went along.

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Lures Used: Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weeds, weedlines, and points. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass and northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Sharpening and replacing hooks on a crankbait.

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