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It was a cool late summer day that I had to give Wasserman Lake a try for the first time. This lake is not known to be a very good bass lake but it's said to be a great northern pike fishery. I came ready for both and hoped I could have some fun and get a show done on this murky little lake. In the video I will show you which bass fishing lures you can use to catch northern pike and how to use them.

Trolling out from the boat ramp I noticed that there was a string of docks nearby on the shoreline to the left of me, so I started the day out by fishing those docks. The docks produced several small bass and one very large bass that weighed nearly 5 pounds. I caught all those bass on shallow diving crankbaits and Texas rigged worms.

I continued past the docks and began fishing a spinnerbait along a steeper dropping rocky and sandy shoreline trying to pick up a few bass or some of the large northern pike that this lake is known for. It wasn’t long before I caught my first pike. It was a nice sized fish too; it may have weighed about five pounds or so. I prefer not to weigh pike because they flail around so much that they tend to hurt themselves. I caught another pike just a little bit smaller than the first and several more bass as I continued around the lake.

In the video below, you'll see how this is a much better bass lake than I thought it was going to be, and it lived up to its reputation for northern pike. I’d like to come back to this lake sometime and give it another try earlier in the summertime.

watch the entire video below.

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Lures Used: Crankbaits, Texas rigged worm, spinnerbait. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Late Summer. Cover/Structure: Docks and weed lines. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass, northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Fishing docks and bass lures for northern pike.


Docks and boats are the private property of their owners. Please respect their property. Don’t fish around them if you are not a very good caster. Use heavy line and equipment so that you don’t break your lures off on the docks. Make every effort to retrieve your lure from a dock except climbing onto the dock. Do not break off your line and leave your lure on the dock or under the dock. Do not hit the docks or boats with your casts. Some owners do not like you to fish around their docks; they may ask you to leave politely or otherwise. Respect their wishes.


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