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I had a nice calm and sunny early august day to try Carl’s Lake. It’s a tiny little lake not much bigger than a farm pond really. Its kept healthy with aeration in the winter time and it’s cared for by a local sportsman’s club, so thanks to those nice people for providing a fun lake for us to fish on.

It was so nice and calm that morning that I thought I would try using a buzzbait. I don’t get many chances to use this lure because it really works best in calm shallow water conditions away from matted vegetation, so this seemed to be my opportunity.

I covered one long section of shoreline with the buzzbait and did catch a couple of bass and one northern pike. That took me to another long section of shoreline that had a lot of fallen trees on it. I switched to a Texas rigged worm at that point so that I could fish right in the timber with it.

The timber was full of bass. I was even able to catch four bass from just one tree. Most of the larger trees were snag laden old oak trees and boy was it hard to get the bass out of those trees. It was so still and hot on that shoreline with the timber that it was nice to move on down the shoreline to another section of bank where I could get to a little cooler air.

This was just a more steeply dropping shoreline with a good weedline on it. I caught a few more bass here on a spinnerbait.

watch the video below to learn how to fish in fallen timber.

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Lures Used: buzzbait, Texas rigged worm, and spinnerbait. Water Clarity: Murky. Water Color: Green. Time of Year: Summer. Cover/Structure: Weed lines and fallen trees. Type of fish caught: Largemouth bass and northern pike. Topics of Discussion: Fishing brush and fallen trees.

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