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Time on the Water

Image of BW Retrieving a spinnerbait from the weedsThe amount of time spent on the water is extremely important to any one that is trying to improve their fishing skills. That’s why I've written so much about the things you can do at home that will make your time on the water more productive. Time on the water is critical!

I must admit that I sometimes just like to relax while I’m on the water, but I so often catch myself trying to learn something anyway. My propensity to learn even while I’m trying to relax is more of a blessing than a curse and I’m glad to have been saddled with such a curse if that is what some people might call it.

I’m guessing that the amount of time that most anglers have to spend on the water is in most cases very precious to them. It certainly was to me. I always wanted to be sure to learn at least one new thing every time I did get on the water. That can seem pretty hard to do if you spend all of your practice time on the same body of water, but there are things you can do to acquire some valuable new knowledge instead of doing the same old things all the time. Even if you just want to go fishing to let off a little steam, save 30 minutes to try something new.

Try a new lure, but try it on fishing spots that you are very familiar with so that you can see the differences that make the new lure unique. You can do the same with any new piece of equipment such as rods, reels, line, scents, hooks, knots, even lure colors and sizes. I’m sure you will think of even more things like this you could try that are still new to you.

Try a new presentation. Use a lure you already know and use it differently. If you only use spinner-baits in shallow water try fishing them in deep water, etc. for any lure. Use a different retrieve speed. Incorporate some pauses or new rhythms in your retrieves. You could even try letting your bait just sit still for a longer period of time. Fishing magazines are a great resource for ideas on new lures and presentations for them.

Try a new fishing location. New lakes are always fun to try, but I’m talking about a new location on the lake you usually fish. I know, you’ve been fishing that lake for years and you know all the good spots. Save 30 minutes to fish a spot that you don’t normally fish or haven’t fished before, even if you think it won’t be any good. I have been pleasantly surprised many times by doing this. Remember that you are just trying to learn something new even if you don’t catch a fish. Use lures that you are already familiar with so you can concentrate on the uniqueness of the new fishing location.

Even if you really just want to use your old trusty methods in an effort to catch a few fish with your valuable but limited time on the water, save a few minutes of that time to try something new. Time on the water is precious so make sure that you learn something new every time you are on the water.

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