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A standard black and blue bass jig resting on a clear tackle caseAs anglers we need to have a pretty good assortment of lures to use to catch Bass on a consistent basis. I would love to have many more lures than I do, but I can only buy as many as I can afford. We are all limited by our budgets and maybe even a little bit by common sense when it comes to buying lures. Fortunately, we don’t need to have every lure made. We can get by with much less than what we may think we need.

As a professional fisherman I had a boatload of lures stuffed in my boat’s compartments that were readily available to me if I needed them. However, you may have noticed that in my videos, I usually only had approximately six rods rigged up and on the deck at any given time. In a sense I was limiting myself to six lures. The six lures that I chose would vary depending on what time of year it was and what I was expecting the fish to be biting on.

As a rule, I would usually have a spinnerbait, worm, jig, Carolina rig, surface bait, and a crankbait ready. Having the six rods was a luxury that allowed me to pick up and use whichever lure I needed. Notice that I have a lure to fish the surface (surface bait), a lure to fish the bottom (Carolina rig), four lures that can fish at any depth (spinnerbait, worm, jig, Carolina rig), and a crankbait that will run to the depth that I am expecting to be able to catch the fish. So, I’m taking one guess on what depth the bass are using, but I really have a good selection of lures that are able to catch fish anywhere they happen to be in that lake.

If it turns out that I need a crankbait that runs either deeper or shallower, I can tie on another crankbait if I need to. If I need a different color lure, I can dig into my tackle compartment and change that also, but I’m really using just six lures.

For more on lure colors see my article titled “Catching the Catcher”.

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