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Lure Presentation

BW introduces himself by shaking hands with a bass he caught on Bryant Lake in Eden Prairie, MinnesotaDon’t we all benefit from making ourselves more presentable for the world in which we live and work every day? Haven’t you noticed that you usually seem to get better service if you’re dressed a little bit nicer or if you greet a server with a warm hello and a nice smile? Have you ever seen how the people around you start to disappear when you are in a grumpy mood and how people become attracted to you when you are happy? If we want to make friends we’ll be much more successful at it if we present ourselves to other people as a happy and friendly person. Presentation is very important in fishing too.

Now, I’m not saying that we need to dress up and comb our hair to go fishing, but we do need to make a good first impression on the fish that we hope to catch. If you’re just going down the bank tossing that crusty old spinner-bait and reeling it strait in repeatedly the same way, I don’t think you’re going to meet very many nice Bass that way. Every cast and retrieve is an opportunity to do something unique with your lure, and to make a good enough impression on a fish to make it want to strike your lure. Think about that for a minute. I said every cast! If you’re not concentrating on what your lure is doing on every cast you’re just killing time. Understanding this is what separates excellent anglers from average anglers.

Think about a single cast of a spinnerbait for a minute. Did the lure enter the water quietly or did it make a big loud splash? Did it land near an object or where you wanted it to land? Did you let it sink for a while or did you start reeling right away? Did the lure pass by an object or piece of cover on the retrieve? Did you reel at the same speed during the entire retrieve or did you vary the speed? Did you impart any action of your own on the lure during the retrieve such as a pause in the retrieve or a lift or drop? These are all things that we need to think about and control on every cast of a simple spinnerbait.

Wow, and how many casts do we make in an hour of fishing? There goes all that relaxation we were hoping for, but even if we manage to think about this stuff just every occasionally, it will help us to catch more fish and have more fun. I’m sure someone said something like this before but, good things don’t happen by themselves, we need to make them happen!

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