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My Least Favorite Lure

A close-up of three fishing lures displayed on the floor of the boat

In the world of angling there seems to be a universal need for anglers to identify their favorite type of lure. For me that’s a little like trying to identify the best dollar bill in my wallet. Don’t they all buy about the same amount of gas? But if you look a little closer you can see some differences. Some are newer than others and some look a little more used than others. So, let’s take a different look at fishing lures this time and at least try to identify which is my least favorite type of fishing lure.

For brevity I will confine the exercise to the six lures that I usually have ready to go in my boat. I talked about them in my article titled Fishing Lures; they are spinnerbait, worm, jig, Carolina rig, surface bait, and a crankbait.

This is going to be difficult for me to do, but I don’t like spinnerbaits because everybody thinks that they are no-brainer lures. I usually like to use them only when nobody is looking because people think that only beginners use spinnerbaits. It’s just too embarrassing to tell anyone you caught a big fish on a spinnerbait because they may think that you’re making it up anyway.

I don’t like to fish with plastic worms because it’s just too slow. I’m an action person and I only have all day to catch fish! And besides that, they require way too much concentration. I need to be ready to set the hook at any moment and my arms get tired holding the rod tip up ready to set the hook all the time.

Jigs are just like plastic worms except that I get even fewer bites on jigs than worms. They don’t come through the weeds as well as worms and that makes it even harder to detect the bites.

I hate Carolina rigs because I need to tie on extra stuff like swivels and beads. Besides that, can’t anybody drag a lure along the bottom and catch a fish occasionally?

Surface baits are bad because it scares the crud out of me when they blast that bait clean out of the water. Sometimes I need to sit down and catch my breath and let my heart rate settle down before I can get back to fishing.

Now crankbaits I really hate because with all those hooks they catch everything in my boat like discarded fishing line, other rods, my cloths, and sometimes even my fingers. What’s even worse is that you need to crank them all the time. That makes my wrist get tired and I have no time to take a bite out of my sandwich.

Well, this article has been silly hasn’t it? I just thought that choosing a favorite lure was a silly thing to do. But is it silly or is choosing a favorite lure just a very difficult thing to do? It’s been interesting for me to try this experiment of looking at something from a different angle. I should do that more often in life too.

I do have to admit that writing this article has given me some insight into what lure I would have to choose as the most fun to catch a fish with. That would be surface-bait for sure! Check out this video of Sarah Lake II for some great surface bait action.

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