The Minnow Bucket

Monsters or Minnows

A split image of BW holding a large bass on one side and a small bass on the other sideAre you fishing for monsters or minnows? Is it more important for you to specifically try to catch a few big fish or do you try to catch a lot of smaller fish? It’s much harder to catch a big fish, than a little fish because there are fewer big fish in the food chain. On the other hand, it’s not always easy to catch a lot of smaller fish either.

You might say that catching more fish is more fun because it’s fun to catch fish and therefore it’s more fun to catch more fish. In my earlier days of fishing it was a lot of fun to make little bets with my fishing companions on who would catch the biggest and who would catch the most fish on any given outing. Either title was worthy of honor and we all wanted to do well.

Looking back at my past, I think I have alway prefered going after the larger fish even if I wasn’t going to catch very many of them. I must admit that occasionally, I still think it’s fun to just relax and catch a bunch of the more eager and abundant smaller fish.

Once I started fishing tournaments I no longer had the choice between large or small. The object of the game was to catch five of the largest fish that I could possibly find. Tournament fishing forced me to learn much more about catching big fish than I probably would have learned if I had remained strictly a recreational angler.

When I started making TV shows, my goal changed and I needed to catch a lot of fish because a sparkling personality was only going to get me so far. Nobody watches a fishing show to see someone talk about fishing.  They want to see someone catching fish. Thankfully, my tournament fishing taught me how and what types of areas are good for catching big fish, so I can usually catch a few of those for the TV show as well.

Fishing is a hobby and a fun way for us to spend our time. Any difficulties we have in catching the most or the biggest fish pale in comparison to the sacrifices and suffering that some people make so that they and we can enjoy better lives. I’m not thinking only of the people that defend our freedom; common everyday people also take chances and endure difficult times so that they and the rest of us can live a better life.

Thank God for all the people who take on hard challenges and suffer through difficult times.

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