The Minnow Bucket

Large, Small, White, Striped, or Spotted

BW admiring A large bass he caught on Zumbra Lake in Carver Counnty, Minnesota

Which is your favorite type of bass? Here in Minnesota we have largemouth, smallmouth, and White bass. In the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro area the whites and smallmouth are confined to just a few lakes and rivers, while northern Minnesota has lots of smallmouth. All the types of bass have similarities but they are also very different from each other.

Largemouth are usually larger than the smallmouth and smallmouth are larger than white bass.

Most people say that Smallmouth fight better than Largemouth. I was surprised when I caught my first spotted bass in Missouri. They can fight even harder than smallmouth bass pound for pound, but they just don’t get as big over their life span. Missouri and other more southerly states also have striped bass. They get very large. I have only caught one of those; it was a hybrid striper that weighed around 12 pounds. Now that was a battle! Stripers get much bigger than that. I can only imagine what that would be like.

Tell us, which types of bass you prefer and Why?

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