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Why is Fishing So Much Fun

BW fighting a bass near the boat on a sunny summer dayFishing is fun for many reasons. It’s fun to be out on a lake enjoying warm summer weather. That may be one of the most important reasons for someone like me that lives in such a cold part of the world. Being out on a calm quiet summer morning may be even more fun for some. I enjoy fishing so much that I often go fishing alone because it can be hard to find someone available to go with me, but it’s usually much more fun to share the adventure with a good friend or family member. I enjoy packing a nice lunch to bring with me and maybe a sweet treat to go along with it. I love a picnic lunch on the lake. I pull up the trolling motor and just drift with the wind enjoying the lunch, the weather, and the scenery. What about a shore lunch with fresh fish, beans, and fried potatoes? Now that is fun. These are things that can make fishing fun even when you don’t catch very many fish.

Catching lots of fish is always fun, and catching a big fish may be even more fun, but what is it that makes catching a fish so much fun?

Is it the surprise and excitement of the fish suddenly smacking your lure after you have almost given up on the thought of that actually happening? Or is it the struggle to fight and land the fish? I have many times become shaky in the hands and wobbly in the legs with the pure excitement of landing an extra large or otherwise important fish. Maybe the fun is in the hunt for the fish. The fish live in different places throughout the seasons and as anglers we need to learn where to look for them. Then we need to know what kind of lure and presentation to use to catch them. The learning itself can be fun.

But what is the most basic, elemental, or quintessential thing that makes catching a fish so much fun? I think fishing is really a grown up game of Hide and Seek. The fish hide and we seek. Think about it, it’s all there. Do you remember the warm summer days that you played the game with your childhood friends? You counted to twenty, your friends hid and then you went hunting for them. Remember the intensive searching and the sheer excitement and surprise when you found your friend that set you giggling and laughing uncontrollably. I’m a little more grown-up now, but if you watch my videos you will notice that I still sometimes giggle or laugh like a child after catching a fish.

The fish are hiding, go out and have some fun, because the game is only fun, when someone is seeking!

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