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Good snacks to bring along for a fun day of fishing

There are many things you should have in your boat or tackle box when you go to the Lake, but certainly one of the most essential must be the snacks. This is a special day you get to go fishing! There are plenty of other boring days in the year when you can watch your diet. A special day calls for special snacks.

I recall reading years ago in Bassmaster Magazine that a small can of wieners in sauce was one of the southern favorites. I wish I knew more about regional favorites like that. I was fortunate to get to know many professional anglers and it was always interesting to see what they would bring for snacks. For one pro it would be Fig Newtons, for another it would be those cheese crackers with peanut butter in them. Sometimes it was Oscar Mayer Lunchables.

One pro, a friend of mine, usually had a bag of “fun size” candy bars in his boat. He offered me some once and I said, “Oh, fun size”. To which he said, “They would be more fun if they were bigger”. So that’s where I got into the habit of calling small fish fun size, because they would be even more fun if they were bigger!

Boy, I’ve had all kinds of snacks in my boat, candy bars, Pop Tarts, granola bars, Rice Crispy Bars, to name a few. Anything individually wrapped and relatively nonperishable works well.

Think about bringing a snack that the kids don’t usually get at home. My Dad always brought along a package of Oreo cookies whenever we went fishing or hunting. Now whenever I see a package of Oreo cookies I remember those special times with my Dad.

What kinds of snacks do you bring with you, or what was that special snack that you remember from your early years of fishing?

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