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What about a Guide

BW holds up a large bass caught on a St. Paul, Minnesota LakeHave you ever considered hiring a fishing guide to teach you how to fish?

Sure lots of us have hired guides while we were on vacation at a strange lake where we really needed someone to show us where to fish. Vacation doesn’t last forever and we don’t want to spend 3 days of our 4 day vacation just looking for the fish. We want to be catching fish throughout the entire vacation!

But have you thought about hiring a local guide on your home lake to give you a fishing lesson?

I suppose what kept me from hiring a guide in the past was my own pride. Don’t we all think that we're pretty good fishermen, and wouldn’t it be a little embarrassing to be in need of fishing lessons? Maybe if I could have hired someone like Roland Martin to give me a fishing lesson I would have been able to swallow some of my pride. Pride is counterproductive; it gets in our way and keeps us from being the best that we can be.

Suppose you have a hard time catching fish at a particular time of the year such as fall, spring, summer, pre or post spawn. That would be a really good reason to hire a guide at that time of the year to give you a lesson. Maybe you have never had much success with Texas rigged worms, or you may need help with your pitching and flipping. You can hire a guide to teach you how to do that. You can hire a guide to teach you anything you want to learn about fishing.

When you hire the guide be sure to explain what it is that you would like to learn. They will probably be thrilled to hear about it and get excited about doing something a little bit different from what they usually do all day. Seriously, if the guide doesn’t seem to be thrilled about it, call another guide.

Most of the time people hire guides because they just want to have a great day of catching fish. There is nothing wrong with that, catching fish is fun, but we can also hire guides (professional anglers that fish nearly every day) to personally teach us fishing skills and techniques that we can use on our own for the rest of our lives.

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