The Minnow Bucket

Pick One

A photoshoped image of Jay Leno holding up two bass and trying to choose which one to keepIf you had a chance to fish with anybody in the whole wide world, who would you choose to fish with? Would you choose somebody famous, like the president, a movie star, sports pro, or a fishing pro?

My choice would have changed depending on my age. When I was younger I would have liked to fish with Tony the Tiger because he’s Great! After that, any family member willing to take me fishing was a hero in my eyes. As I was aspiring to become a fishing professional, I would have chosen any other professional fisherman willing to teach me more about fishing. As a professional it's fun for me to be able to teach others how to fish.

It was a great experience for me to fish with other pro anglers. Pop stars and movie stars probably have no interest in fishing with me, but it would be fun to meet a few of them. The president or any other world leaders would be cool too but they might be too busy. Other pro athletes might be fun to fish with. Harmon Killebrew seemed like a good man that had time for people. He would have been a great person to fish with.

After thinking about it, I'd choose somebody that doesn’t even like to fish very much, my wife. I know cheesy right? Well I can’t think of anybody more important to me, and all the times that we shared together on the water were wonderful.

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