The Minnow Bucket


A photo of a bass fishing trophy resting on a dockTrophies are a great way to remember special events or accomplishments in our lives. They are just objects that have little real value of their own, but they help us to remember good things that happened to us. In what can seem to be such a cruel world at times it is nice to remember the good times we’ve had. A trophy can be anything from a giant bass mounted on the wall, to a tournament plaque, an autographed hat, or just a good photograph.

I’ve never wall mounted a fish and I’m not sure why. I just don’t think it appealed to me. What would I do if I caught an even bigger fish? If I keep waiting to catch a bigger fish I’ll never get a chance to put one on the wall. Just because I have never wall mounted a fish doesn’t mean that I haven’t kept trophies.

I have a few trophies and plaques from fishing tournaments that I used to display in my home. They were mile stones in my fishing career. After a while they began to lose their importance so I put most of those away. I don’t want to be too proud of those kinds of things anyway because the future is more important than the past, but I must remember to learn from the past to have a better future.

I am very grateful for all of the good things I have experienced and I have saved a lot of junk (trophies?) because it was a way for me to remember them. It seems strange to me how important remembering something can be to me and what I will do to hang on to a memory.

Photographs have become my favorite way to remember special times because they take up less space in my home. In a way all my old fishing videos are trophies to me. Not in the sense that I am proud of them, but that they have been a great way for me to remember those times again as I prepare them for this website.

I hope that you can enjoy them and maybe learn something from them that will help you enjoy your fishing a little more.

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