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A photo of a copy of Bassmaster MagazineI think most of us complain that we just don’t get to go fishing as often as we would like to. We’re short on time, short on money, need to mow the lawn, change a diaper, clean-up after the dog, all that kind of stuff. See how a fishing magazine combined with all the little pieces of free time you have at home can make your day on the water much more fun when you do get to go fishing.....

A fun part of fishing is the catching, so let’s work on that part for now. I like to read fishing magazines when I get little chunks of free time. They’re fun to read and are full of the things we need to learn to become better anglers. The current editions of all the magazines contain the most recent and up to date information on techniques and equipment.

Early in my fishing education I began to fill a notebook with notes on all the articles I had read. I had a bunch of Bassmaster magazines stacked up after a year of receiving them monthly and I started to read them again article by article writing notes on each one of them. There is something about writing down notes that really helped me to remember the information. I sometimes referred to my notes before my fishing trips if I was planning to try a new technique I had read about, and I would sometimes refer to my notes after fishing to see what I should have done that I may have forgotten about.

Note taking combined with time on the water really helped me to connect study time and practice time. It only takes about ten minutes to read an article so it’s a great way to use little chunks of spare time to make your fishing time more fun.


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