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BW holding a big bass caught in the lilly pads of Auburn Lake in Carver County, MinnesotaThere are lots of good fishing videos and TV shows available to us these days. We even have entire channels on our cable and satellite TV systems dedicated to fishing and outdoor programming. We also have the big giant web with YouTube videos. Heck, why do we even bother to go fishing when we can stay home and watch all the videos? Let someone else get the sunburn, right? No! Because fishing is more fun when we do the fishing, but videos are fun to watch too, and watching fishing videos can be a great way to learn how to become a better angler. The trick is learning how to get the information you need out of them.

Fishing shows are meant to be entertaining to hold an audience through the entire video so that the viewer will see all the advertising. Some videos are more entertaining than others. Some are nothing but entertainment with little or no educational value at all, while others are more educational than they are entertaining. I like entertainment as much as anybody does, but since I’m always trying to improve my own fishing skills, I’m attracted to the videos and TV shows that are more educational in nature.

I have always tried to make my own TV shows as educational as possible, (Darn it Jim, I’m a professional fisherman not an entertainer) but I did hope that the show would be entertaining enough to keep people interested in watching it.

Here is what makes learning from videos and TV shows so difficult. They are too entertaining! That’s right, how many times have you watched them and then afterwards wondered if you had learned anything?

So, here’s the trick to learning from videos. Watch the entire video for entertainment purposes first, and then watch it again with an eye to all the educational information that is in the video. I made a very deliberate effort to include as much educational information as I could in all my videos. Sometimes the information was in the things I said, and sometimes it was in the things I did. It was also sometimes simply visible to you in the video. You need to watch for all these things and that’s easier done while watching it the second time because you won’t be as distracted by the entertaining aspects of the video as you were the first time.

All videos on the web come to you as streaming video. That means that the video is loading on to your computer as you watch it. You can’t jump to the end because you haven’t received the end of the video yet. After the entire video has loaded and you have enjoyed all the entertainment of the video, you are free to use the slider at the bottom of the video player to jump to any place you want to go in the entire video. You can use that to pause and replay portions of video containing educational material that you missed while watching the video the first time.

With this trick you will learn more from fishing videos than you ever have in the past, even from shows as gosh darn entertaining as mine.Wink


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