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Is That Fair

BW holds up a bass for the crowd as a cameraman shoots video of the tournament weigh-in on North and South Center Lakes in lindstrom, MinnesotaLet's say that you are competing in a fishing tournament and another tournament angler is beating you and all the other anglers by using a new type of lure that isn’t on the market yet and is therefore unavailable to you and the rest of the anglers, is that a fair competition?

In the strictest sense of fairness, I would say no because that fishing competition became an equipment competition. If you look at other sports you'll find that in most cases all the equipment is highly regulated to keep the completion fair. In the sport of fishing, anglers are free to change or alter nearly all their equipment. There are relatively few equipment regulations.

Tournament fishing is a lot like life, because it’s not fair. In fishing we use the equipment that we have access to and try to do the best that we can with it and hope to win. In life, we are born into a wide variety of different circumstances and each of us must make the best of our own circumstances. In life we win by doing the best that we can with what we have. Everybody can win.

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